Trapping Incidents in Montana

Despite mandatory reporting laws, many dog captures by traps on public lands go unreported to the Fish, Wildlife & Parks (FWP). Since Footloose Montana’s founding in 2007, we’ve documented dozens of incidents where dogs were injured or killed by traps—suggesting a much larger, undocumented issue. This gap in reporting highlights a significant risk to our pets, underscoring the urgent need for education and advocacy to protect our four-legged companions from hidden dangers on public lands.

Join us for trap-release workshops across Montana. Our workshops cover trapping regulations, offer hands-on practice for releasing traps, provide essential pet first aid training, and equip you with safety tools for your adventures. Reach out today to schedule a workshop in your area, and stay tuned to our social media channels for updates on upcoming events!

Types of Traps



Conibear (body-gripping trap)

Snares are often lethal, and they prevent the release of non-target species. They can cause significant and permanent damage to an animal’s limbs, and threaten game animals and livestock.

Foothold traps are designed to clamp down on the animals’ limb, and hold it in place. The grip can lead to fractures, dislocations, and severe tissue damage.

A Conibear trap is a body-gripping trap that is designed to kill animals quickly by crushing their neck or chest. This can lead to immediate death, or a prolonged, agonizing struggle if the captured animal is not killed instantly.