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Have you spotted traps/snares on public lands? Has your pet been caught in a trap? Do you have a story to tell? We want to hear about it!

Contact us at (406) 282-1482 or e-mail

Although we may present excerpts from your report, we will protect your privacy if you choose to remain anonymous. The purpose of making trap locations available on this website is to warn people who may be recreating on public lands with companion dogs about the dangers of traps on public lands. Tampering with traps is illegal in the State of Montana.
Trappers tend to set traps and snares in the same location, repeatedly. Please review past trap locations. Beware, where there is one trap or snare there are more! Use special caution in areas by waterways! Note required setbacks for traps and snares ONLY applies to traps set for furbearers and wolves. Species classified as predators and nongame fall outside of principle jurisdiction and setbacks do NOT apply. Do not assume any trail or area is trap free!


January 2016 Akita trapped in wolf trap in Ninemile area loses his leg to dry gangrene after being trapped for days in frozen trap

January 2016 Dog trapped near Kalispell

January 2016 Another dog caught in Foothold near Lolo Creek

December 2015/January 2016 Two cats trapped separately near Great Falls, both lost legs

December 2015 Golden Retriever severely injured after chewing itself free from foothold near Florence on Sweeney Creek

December 2015 Dog caught in foothold in Lolo Creek Drainaga

December 2015 Dog trapped near Alberton

December 2015 Dog trapped near Ninepipes Reservoir

March 2015 Blackie the Cat trapped in Missoula, lost leg

March 2015 Dog brought in by trapper, caught near Trout Creek

January 2015 Dog caught in Foothold near Helena (dog had been trapped before in same area)


January 15th, 2015 Dog caught in snare near Idaho Border

January 2015 Dog trapped along Bitterroot River

January 2015 Dog caught in Park County

December 2014 Dog caught in legal trap in canyon in Gallatin County

December 2014 THREE St. Bernards killed in Snares in northern Wyoming

October 2013, dog caught in trap above Lake Como.

Note: 150′ setbacks have been required for traps set for wolves along the Como Ski Trails during the winter cross country ski season.

October 25, 2013, a Great Horned Owl was found in a leghold trap in the Bitterroot Valley. It was taken for help along with the trap attached. Especially given the cold, it would not have survived, had it not been for the caring and watchful person and now those committed to help it.

April 2, 2013 “Animal Capture Devices” signs have been spotted at the base of Dumps Gulch trailhead on Mount Helena warning of trapping in the area.  Mount Helena City Park is a 620-acre swath of wild country. It’s a popular destination for local hikers with its six trails and links to those in the Helena National Forest. 

 March 2013 A dog was transported to the Central Valley Animal Hospital after its foot was broken when it stepped into a leg trap set up legally for predator control by a Florence Acres Way resident in Columbia Falls.

March 17, 2013 An email was received today from an anonymous responder in the Helena Area reports traps in Trout Creek Canyon.  A dog was caught.

March 8, 2013 A couple with their two dogs were kayaking on the Whitefish River in Kalispell, MT ton a stretch of river they have been floating for four years when they came across 3 different sets of 2 water traps. One of which had a dead beaver in it. They are located about a quarter of a mile upstream of the bridge on Reserve street on the east side of the river. T

February 28, 2013 Central Valley Animal Hospital was reported to have helped a young golden eagle was brought in by FWP after being caught in a trap and grounded in Plains, MT. He will lose at least one toe but should otherwise be okay.

February 2013 Report of traps in the Helena area: Father and son were hiking south of Helena and noticed “courtesy” warning signs and foothold and snare traps on the Skihi Peak/Brooklyn Bridge Main trail. Signs are posted at the trailhead. This area gets some cross country ski and snowshoeing use with many dogs.

Feb 4, 2013 Cat caught in foothold trap on or near Rocky Mountain Log Homes in Hamilton loses front leg as a result. Trap may have been placed illegally, was not staked down, and had no identifying marks on it.

Jan 29, 2013  Man in Rivulet, MT area stepped into leg hold trap for wolves. There was a sign posted warning people of wolf trapping. There were leg hold AND snare traps present (the snares are illegal, assuming they are targeting wolves). This was reported to FWP. The location is: Chicken Creek drainage near Williams Peak.

Jan 29, 2013  Golden Eagle trapped in Condon, MT. The eagle was able to fly, however, it had a rather large wound cut to the bone.  Will supply more information as it is obtained.  Update: Eagle trapped in leghold trap for wolves, in Condon Creek foothills area.  Was rescued by humans, but escaped before being transported to rehab facility.

Jan 26, 2013  Corgi was snagged in a baited spring trap on the western border of the Castle Butte BLT plot, northeast of Billings. The land owner has these baited traps right on his fence line.

 Jan 24, 2013  Golden Eagle found caught in snare, dead on arrival, a second and third Golden Eagle found the next day, one had to be euthanized on sight, the other is being treated by a vet in hopes it will recover. Two of the eagles were found trapped around Big Timber, the third eagle was found near Ringling. Will supply more information as it is obtained.

Jan 24, 2013 Courtesy warning signs have been posted about snares and other traps set along the most popular hiking trail in Helena. It’s called the Helena Ridge Trail. It is on the south side of town. Look for Grizzly gulch and Prospector Gulch.

Jan 23, 2013 Report of a dog trapped in a leghold trap off the Main Fork Road near Red Lodge. Dog was not hurt. Don’t know details. Will try to get them for you. Know this happened within the past week or two, but don’t know exact date.  Please use caution in the West Fork Trail area!

Jan 14, 2013 Dog was recently caught in a neck snare wire trap in the Tobacco Root Mountains (East Fork of South Boulder, FS Road #7154 about 1.5 miles down the road)

Jan 3, 2013 Trapping reported up Sawdust Gulch headed north from Sleeping Child Creek.  This is due SW of Hamilton (south of Skalkaho Hwy).  Bitterroot National Forest.

Dec. 28, 2012 Woman suffers mild heart attack while helping release friend’s dog from wolf trap south of Livingston, Montana.  Trap was on private property approx 12 mi. south of Livingston.  See Personal Accounts page for detailed description.

Dec 28 2012.  Dog caught in bobcat trap up Schwartz Creek near Clinton, MT.  We are working on obtaining details.  

December 2012.  Dog caught in leghold trap while family was on a Christmas Tree hunt in the Pipestone Area near Whitehall, MT.

Dec. 27, 2012  Report of numerous traps along USFS road/trail #1260 which leads to Hogan Cabin on the Beaverhead Deer Lodge National Forest in the vicinity of Chief Joseph Pass.  Some of these traps are evidently very close to the trail and may be illegal.  Please use extreme caution.

Dec. 25, 2012  Incident: dog caught in 8″ leghold trap up Williams Creek Road near Eureka, Montana (Kootenai N.F. land).  Family was on a cross country ski trip.  Dog suffered minor injuries.  Watch for traps very close to the road.

Dec. 20, 2012  Report of marten traps near the Blodgett Canyon trailhead in the Bitterroot Mountains west of Hamilton.  Traps reported as close as 150 yards from trailhead.

Dec. 2012  Widespread trapping reported in the Lake Como area west of Darby, Montana in the Bitterroot Mountains.  Trappers have been encountered working their way up toward the lake on the main access road and on road 550.

Dec 2012  Dog caught in leghold trap up the Hyalite Canyon South of Bozeman, Montana (between Lick Creek and Moser Creek).  Expect continued trapping in the area including traps set directly on unmarked trails

Dec 14, 2012 Report from Montana FWP logs, Dog caught in foothold trap in Blue Creek Area, Sanders County, on USFS land

Dec 11, 2012 Montana FWP logs report dog caught in foothold trap on Southside Road in Missoula, on corporate land

Dec 9, 2012 Montana FWP logs report a dog caught and injured in West Glacier area, Flathead County, USFS

Dec. 2012 (first week of December) Dog caught in a foothold trap while owner was skiing near the intersection of Big Flat Road and Deep Creek Road west of Missoula.  Expect potentially widespread trapping up the Deep Creek Drainage.

Dec. 2012 Reports of potential trapping in the mountains SSW of Alberton MT (Petty Creek area).   

Dec 1, 2012 Montana FWP logs report dog caught in foothold trap. Cameron Bridge FAS, in Gallatin County

Dec 1, 2012 Montana FWP logs report dog caught in foothold trap in Dawson County, on Private Property at the Engle Ranch

Dec 1, 2012 Montana FWP logs report dog caught in conibear trap, Gallatin County, on Vandervos, private property

Nov 29, 2012 Montana FWP logs report dog caught in foothold trap on Moser Creek, USFS, in Gallatin County

Nov 21, 2012  Widespread leghold traps set illegally on (various) private lands on the east side of the Bitterroot River between Florence and Stevensville (up and down the river corridor)!  We received a call from a private ranch owner who lives in that area.  He found a man setting legholds illegally.

Nov 21, 2012  Report of snares set along the Clark Fork River near the Canyon River Golf Course (East Missoula, MT).  There is a warning sign posted next to the poop bag dispenser where the trail leads from the far end of the golf course parking lot down to the river.  This is a popular area for dog walking.  Be wary!

Nov 20, 2012  “Monte,” a yellow lab cross caught in a leghold trap at the Florence Fishing Access (Bitterroot River, Florence, MT).  Dog suffered injuries to its paw and a broken tooth.  No broken bones.  Trapper cited with a ticket. 

Oct 30, 2012 Montana FWP logs record a dog caught in a foothold trap, in Phillips County, South of Saco, on private land.  That’s all that’s known

Oct 21, 2012 Montana FWP logs record a dog caught in a foothold trap, in Cottonwood Creek Area, BLM, in Phillips County

Oct 17, 2012 Montana FWP logs record a dog caught in a foothold trap on Trap Road, on private land, in Lincoln County

Oct 15, 2012 Montana FWP logs record a dog caught in a foothold trap in USFS land in the Lost Horse area in Ravalli County

Sept 8, 2012 Montana FWP logs record a dog caught and injured in a foothold trap at Taylor Creek in Beaverhead County

Please note that the purpose of disclosing trap locations on our website is to warn others who may be about to venture in the woods with companion animals. Tampering with traps or snares or interfering with trapping activities is against Montana law


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