Trap Alerts!

Footloose Montana has submitted the following official public comments to FWP on behalf of Footloose Montana Board of Directors and supporters.

1. The “Montana Trap-Free Public Lands” statewide initiative has been submitted to the Secretary of State’s Office on Fri, May 31, 2013.

2. Proposed increased setbacks on given set of trails.

FWP proposal to increase setbacks (from 50 to 300 feet) for lethal and nonlethal traps along 25 identified urbanized trails out of a network of over 15,000 miles of public trails in Montana is misleading, minuscule and ineffective, disregarding the clear and present danger traps present to the public and companion animals. The Department of Livestock (DOL) is responsible for coyote and predator control. FWP therefore does not have the legal authority to regulate traps set for species classified as predators. FWP will not be able to enforce or monitor these proposed increased setbacks.   Read More

3. 2013/2014 increased trapping quota of bobcats and swift foxes and the continuing trapping in critical wolverine habitat.

FWP wants to increase the number of bobcats (from 250 to 275) that can be trapped in one district while decreasing the quota in another district. The overall quota of nearly 2,000 bobcats killed in traps and snares every year is appalling and is often exceeded in many districts. Trapping bobcats poses a significant risk to endangered lynx.   Read More

4. 2013/2014 Wolf Hunting and Trapping Proposal

Footloose Montana respectfully opposes the proposal to increase the trapping of wolves to 5 per individual trapper, opposes the use of trappers to collar wolves, and opposes shooting wolves over baited traps. Read More

Promoting Trap-Free Public Lands for People, Pets, and Wildlife