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It is imperative that we share personal stories involving traps. Please share your story, the name of the pet and a picture of your pet for posting to our Facebook album and for educational purposes. Please help spare others this unnecessary suffering by sharing your experience. Owners names will be kept confidential. Send accounts to

 ~A woman suffers mild heart attack while releasing a dog from wolf trap south of Livingston in 2012.  Read her Personal Account.

~Senior the Golden Lab caught in trap in Ninemile in 2003

~Levi, the Border Collie’s story, trapped near Whitehall in 2008

~Wire snares can be deadly: Read the heartbreaking story of Logan’s Death by John Ruther, 2008

~How Frog got injured in a snare: Trapping Testimony from Stevensville Footloose Members, April 2008

~Barry and Susan share their story about a trap set west of Seeley Lake in 2008

~Jan and her dogs encounter traps at their regular hiking spot located near Butte in 2008

~Mike shares his encounters with traps while recreating on Public Lands

~Joyce’s dog caught in a snare trap in Frenchtown in 2007

~Time to End a Twisted Tradition by Jim Robertson

Clarks nutcracker at bait 1

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