Volunteers Needed

You Can Help in Many Ways!

Donating is critical, but just one of many ways of supporting the Footloose mission! Here are a few ways to volunteer:

Help with administrative clerical duties, outreach, regional chapter coordinators/teams, and fundraising. Call Chris at 406-282-1482 or e-mail info@footloosemontana.org if you would like more information

Help us organize a Trap-Release Workshop in your Montana community! Learn how to free your pet from crippling and potentially deadly traps. Call 406-282-1482 if you would like to attend a scheduled workshop or set one up in your area. See Upcoming workshops here!

Report trap sightings and incidents. If you see traps on public lands, let us know. Please take pictures! We want to warn other users of that general area to exercise caution! Call 406-282-1482 or email us.

•Send letters to the editor of your local newspaper – alert the public to the danger on our public lands. Find helpful information for your letter – call us with questions at 406-282-1482.

Send your stories of encounters with traps, trappers or trapped animals, ideally with pictures,  to info@footloosemontana.org. We will not share your name without your permission.

Pitch in financially. Our work educating Montanans about the dangers of trapping takes money. We’re a grassroots organization and we rely on help from supporters like you! Donate Here.

Take Action!



Promoting Trap-Free Public Lands for People, Pets, and Wildlife