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Trapped Bear


Born Free USA’s undercover investigation, showing brutality and illegal practices by U.S. trappers (warning: extremely graphic images!) Rarely does the public get an insight into the horrific practice of trapping as trappers like to avoid the spotlight. In January 2011 however, Born Free USA, together with Respect for Animals, were able to get footage first hand. The undercover video investigation shows the reality of fur trapping, whether it occurs in Pennsylvania  or in Montana. We need to know what’s going on inside a world that trappers keep hiding from us, a world where animals are tortured and killed at the hands of fur trappers… There is no mercy for these animals, as all it matters is to preserve the fur. Be prepared though to watch images of trapped animals that portrays a treatment beyond comprehension.  For more info on the video and on Born Free, please visit their website at


Watch Crying Shame  provided by a former trapper who knew the reality and cruelty of trapping. Trapping footage in this video was taken by a licensed trapper, during trapping season, on registered trapline in Southern Alberta, Canada. This trapper has since retired and he gave this footage to our non-profit organization, Fur-Bearer Defenders, so we could help educate others about trapping cruelty. Learn more at  (Higher quality versions are available on DVD, VHS and Beta). Warning: Graphic content.


Watch Otis’ Story, a beagle cross who was caught in a leghold trap along Lost Horse Road, south of Hamilton. From Steve: “My dog Otis was caught in two leg hold traps recently. One on his left left, the other on his shoulder.  I had been  cross country skiing with him along a road in the mountains of Montana. He spent close to an hour in the traps. Darkness was falling and a winter storm was coming in. All very disturbing to say the least. The most stressful part was trying to figure out how to free him. Luckily my skiing companion who took the pictures keep her cool as I was freaking out. I use a pocket knife to saw through a steel cable that was securing the traps to a tree.  The cable was wrapped around the trap on his leg preventing me from accessing it.”


Watch Footloose Montana’s TV Commercial – “Don’t let this happen to your dog!” – Now on YouTube!

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